Transform Your Life


It is never too late to design a life you love. Get the tools, mindset and skills to become a better version of yourself. Emerge from this crisis stronger than before.

Duration : 20 DAYS (4 Weeks)


This online course is bringing together Positive Psychology, the mindset to thrive and study of good life with Design Thinking, the change by design innovation method. In daily 30min self-paced learning by doing activities you will work constructively towards the best possible life and career plan.

Further are included:

  • 2 group coaching sessions
  • Course certification
  • Course tandem parter (optional)

Please note: This course is available in British and German language

What you will do

Each day has been built around a core theme with content to digest, explore and do. Most days have an expert video to watch, content to read and an activity to do. As many of the topics you will explored are rich and comprehensive, the approach we have taken is to break them down into a synthesized explainer format to discover them.

Whom is this course for?

This program has been specifically curated for those who want to gain practical skills, applicable knowledge and positive rethinking tools needed to transform and thrive in life. So no matter if you are young and looking for orientation, or grown-up and feeling stuck, in need for a change or well aged and looking something that holds personal meaning.

What you will take out from this course

  • Know your demands for a fulfilling life
  • Build resilience and a growth mindset
  • Assess and understand your strength
  • Develop your personal vision of the future
  • Increase your balance and energy flow
  • Put your ideas into action

Watch the InfoWebinar about the course

There is a recorded a webinar where we give more insights into the course. You can watch it here:

Meet the course facilitators

Gabriele Sauberer (PhD, MBA) is the director of the Vienna international positive psychology school (VIPPS). She is an expert in positive leadership and positive-provocative communication. Gabriele holds a phd in linguistics and communication science, and an MBA in diversity and innovation management. She is an euppa certified master trainer in positive psychology and the head of certification of the European positive psychology academy.

Michael Kurz (M.A.) is an alumni of Vienna International positive psychology school, an expert and lecturer in Strategy, Design Thinking and Innovation. He is growing individuals and organisations as an entrepreneur, consultant, mentor and coach. Dedicated to create positive change Michael promotes life-long-learning and has designed transformative learning experiences for Universities, Organisations and Creative Business Schools. 




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