Welcome to our Startup Journey

Here we are sharing our stories and stages of development from idea to business

It all started with a question: How might we better connect and empower the Positive Psychology Community so that they can promote their initiatives and thrive?

February 26th 2021

Teaming up with Sascha

Coach, Software- & Business
Developer and Buddhist

April 09th 2021

Sharing the idea: Enabling Positive Psychology for everyone and everywhere

May 31st 2021

Starting a Movement

🤩 Become part of our #PositivePsychology movement

We are building a Co-Creation Team and are looking for positive and motivated people who want engage and help making the benefits of Positive Psychology accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Logo and claim

Our branding is accessible to empower others

If everything is already defined, it leaves very little room for experimentation. We took deliberate efforts to create a visual identity that delivers happiness and celebrates diversity.

Coming up soon

Our Yippie Community digital Plattform.
Does that make you feel excited?

January 11th 2021

Every day is a good day to practise Positive Psychology

First idea and humble beginnings

April 09th 2021

Application for Social Entrepreneurship Startup Call

April 23th 2021

Kick-Off Challenge Impact 2021

Challenge Impact Program:

  • Entrepreneurship Basics (23.04.2021)
  • Impact Model (24.04.2021)
  • Visibility & Supporters (07.05.2021)
  • Business Model Deep Dive (14.05.2021)
Positive Psychology Co-Creater Workspace

May 14th 2022

Defining our Identity

We were asking ourselves how can we reflect our values and mission in the creation of a corporate identity. Our corporate name Yippie is an expression of positive emotions we want to spark in peoples lives.

Yippie logo colors