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Here we are sharing our stories and stages of development from idea to business

It all started with a question: How might we better connect and empower the Positive Psychology Community so that they can promote their initiatives and thrive?

February 26th 2021

Teaming up with Sascha

Coach, Software- & Business
Developer and Buddhist

April 09th 2021

Sharing the idea: Enabling Positive Psychology for everyone and everywhere

May 31st 2021

Starting a Movement

šŸ¤© Become part of our #PositivePsychology movement

We are building a Co-Creation Team and are looking for positive and motivated people who want engage and help making the benefits of Positive Psychology accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Logo and claim

Our branding is accessible to empower others

If everything is already defined, it leaves very little room for experimentation. We took deliberate efforts to create a visual identity that delivers happiness and celebrates diversity.

Coming up soon

Our Yippie Community digital Plattform.
Does that make you feel excited?

January 11th 2021

Every day is a good day to practise Positive Psychology

First idea and humble beginnings

April 09th 2021

Application for Social Entrepreneurship Startup Call

April 23th 2021

Kick-Off Challenge Impact 2021

Challenge Impact Program:

  • Entrepreneurship BasicsĀ (23.04.2021)
  • Impact Model (24.04.2021)
  • Visibility & Supporters (07.05.2021)
  • Business Model Deep Dive (14.05.2021)
Positive Psychology Co-Creater Workspace

May 14th 2022

Defining our Identity

We were asking ourselves how can we reflect our values and mission in the creation of a corporate identity. Our corporate name Yippie is an expression of positive emotions we want to spark in peoples lives.

Yippie logo colors

We are passionate about improving people's lives

We combine the following methodologies and mindsets to empower you


To solve complex challenges & create innovative solutions


To become your best self, and make the world a better place


To thrive professionally and find happiness at work


To reinvent yourself and build a life you


To prepare yourself for a good and social business

Featured on-demand course

Transform your Life

This online course combines Positive Psychology and Design Thinking. Make positive change in your life and create a desirable, and sustainable future.

Some free Inspiration

The Team

Michael Kurz

Character Strength:
Creativity – Love of Learning – Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Michael Kurz (M.A.) is the Co-Founder of Positive Learning. Committed to create positive change he uses his background in Experience Design, Problem-Solving and Innovation. As a business consultant, entrepreneur, startup-coach and lecturer Michael is on a mission to promote life-long-learning and to design transformative learning experiences for individuals and organisations.Ā 


Dr. Gabriele Sauberer

Gabriele is driven by curiosity and creativity, her strenghts are humor and hope, as well as love and zest.

A real ambassador of Positive Psychology, indeed.

Dr. Gabriele Sauberer (PhD, MBA) is Co-Founder of Positive Learning and director of the Vienna international positive psychology school (VIPPS). She is an expert in positive leadership and positive-provocative communication. Gabriele holds a phd in linguistics and communication science, and an MBA in diversity and innovation management. She is an euppa certified master trainer in positive psychology and the head of certification of the European positive psychology academy.


Sascha Nachtnebel

Character Strength:
Creativity – Networking – Resilience

Sascha Nachtnebel joined the project as a strategic consultant in Feb 21. He is the founder of Greenfinder, an international software and event agency. Greenfinder operates the largest comparison portal for e-bikes and realizes innovative test-ride events for e-mobility all over the world. During the past 20 years, Sascha supported a broad variety of start-ups, SMEs and large corporations in the US, China and Europe with his expertise in business development, sales, marketing and software conception. In his role as Life Coach and Healer in Psychotherapy, Sascha teaches effective applications of Buddhist Psychology to both private and business clients with his newest company, https://www.karmatraining.de.Ā 


Nicely said
from lovely people

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